Clal Concrete Products Ltd

Clal Concrete Products Ltd., active for over 40 years in the production of prefabricated concrete elements, is one of Israel's most established and respected construction companies in the industry. Following its tradition of utilizing advanced techniques and strict, exacting control, the company recently acquired some of the world's most advanced equipment and technology enabling new mold design and manufacturing practices. The company engineers leveraged these new capabilities to redesign the product line delivering new geometric structures with improved element strength and balance. Its two factory departments, the Pre-Stressed Hollow Boards and the Elements departments, are responsible for the production and assembly of thousands of square meters of ceilings, walls, beams and on-demand pre-fabricated products used in buildings, parking structures and bridges throughout the country.

Leading Values – Integrity, Fairness, and Professionalism
Company management considers its work force the most valuable asset, worthy of enrichment, sharing and involvement in the planning, control, and production processes. The quality of the company's products and service are the result of ever-improving process efficiency and ongoing, meticulous monitoring, while the emphasis on learning and development are values that strengthen customer perception, and positions Clal Concrete Products among the leaders in the industry. Management and employees are committed to the values of honesty, integrity, and professionalism and are proud of the company's rich past - maintaining a reputation garnered over four decades of operation encompassing thousands of projects, buildings and bridges built throughout the country.

The Company's Products
Pre-Stressed Hollow Boards – this department exclusively manufactures to specific orders and measurements, employing a sequential process: the scope of work is predictable and based on known demand and delivery schedules for the factory's products. Product differentiation from competitors is a result of our professionalism, experience and high level of service – aspects our customers have learned to expect from Clal Concrete Products. In recent years, several significant technological changes have been introduced that have upgraded the products to an even higher level.
Production of Pre-Stressed Hollow Boards – the boards are produced according to production processes conforming to Israel Standard 466 Part 5. The boards are produced using an extrusion method, which was originally developed by PRENSOLAND, a Spanish company. The factory is equipped with the most modern equipment for pressing strands, production and cutting of hollow boards. A computerized, stand-alone concrete station ensures uniform production of high-quality concrete. The surface molds are constructed from rolled steel, which ensures a smooth under surface to the finished boards.
Transportation – The factory offers its customers transport and assembly services by subcontractors and under full responsibility. However, the customer has the option to transport and/or assemble the boards independently, or use a contractor on its behalf. The experience and professionalism of the department have been proven over time. Today, the department upholds these qualities, and continues to provide the industry's most professional service and advanced products.

Elements Department – this department is responsible for the production, supply and installation of prefabricated elements for hundreds of bridges, public and commercial buildings, parking structures, gyms, etc., that have been designed and built over 38 years of operation throughout the country. The department specializes in pre-stressed concrete, and is based on special equipment and production lines for a pre-stress of 700-1,600 tons.
The factory is equipped with various types of steel molds, allowing the company to produce prefabricated beams for structures and bridges. The types of beams include AASHTO-compliant I beams (American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials 2,3,4,5,6), rectangular beams, L beams, 'crocodile' beams, reversed and double reversed bunched beams and trapezoidal-channel beams with base widths of 1.4-2m, and up to 160 tons.
The department has four main production lines, with lengths of 100-160m. The company employs the most powerful stress line available in Israel - 1,600 tons, pre-stressed. At high stress conditions, special reinforcements are installed to facilitate upper pre-stressing (up to 12 strands of 1/2") at a height of 1.90m.

Type 60 concrete is used for most of the department's products. They are produced with a stand-alone, automatic and supervised concrete station that supplies fresh concrete using high trollies moving on a monorail, allowing for a continuous and uninterrupted flow. The department has an independent loading and lifting capacity of up to 160 tons. Four department cranes allow for transport, sieving, storage, and efficient loading, regardless of external factors. All stations are equipped with guided hydraulic pistons that allow for a regulated and controlled release of stress simultaneously on the two sides.
Technical and Engineering Support – The department consists of a chief engineer and two building engineers. Technical services are available to all company customers with our engineers offering assistance and advice, often preparing alternative designs with increased efficiency and reduced customer costs.

Standards and Quality Control – consists of a permanent on-site lab with a dedicated quality control manager. Control procedures cover all stages of production, starting with the receipt of raw materials. Concrete enhancement is sampled and tested according to a rigorous and organized testing log, until it reaches the required minimum strength, and the processes and results are documented and stored. The quality control manager is the liaison with external supervision processes affiliated with the projects and test institutes.

The factory is regularly inspected and is committed to compliance with all relevant Israeli and international standards. The Israel Standards Institute has certified the factory for compliance with the Israeli Standard 466 Part 5 and with international quality standards. The ISI constantly and continuously inspects samples and confirms the factory's operations and its products. The factory is a member of the Manufacturers Association of Israel, and the only Israeli a member of IPHA (International Prestressed Hollowcore Association).


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